The Update Edit LEOPARD


My love of leopard spans several decades and while my obsession can come and go, it definitely feels like it’s THE print of the season (again). I don’t own that much leopard print in my own wardrobe but the few items I have are either worn to death or quietly put away until the moment comes back round (yet again). This has definitely justified a few investment purchases but if you are still on the fence about jumping into this trend, there are so many affordable ways to try it out. Whether it is an actual leopard print dress, or just a hair tie or belt, it will immediately update your dress-robe to feel 2024.

Isabel x



This is the ‘jump right in there’ option and it might feel like a step too far for some of you. I own the Rixo dress (below) which has a touch of leopard along with another print so that could be a good entry point. I always love the Ganni leopard dresses, the brand excels in this print so it’s worth checking out all their options. The trick with a leopard dress is to keep the styling simple and classic, less is definitely more.



Adding a leopard print shoe to your dress is probably the most obvious way to update a dress, there are so many to choose from depending on what kind of styles you prefer to wear. While I would happily consider a pair of heels for a special occasion, I feel that more practical options will realistically get a whole load more wear. Think a hint on a trainer, a chic loafer or THE shoe of the season that isn’t going anywhere soon, the Mary Jane. 



My own favourite item in leopard print is a faux fur coat that I love to wear over any kind of dress. However, it is the braver of all the leopard options and not for the faint hearted. A neat blazer, handy gilet or light weight trench coat would be a more subtle choice to layer over a dress. Again, keep all other accessories clean and classic. 



For those of you that balked at the very suggestion of adding in leopard print to your wardrobe, this one is for you. It says “I’m relevant” but doesn’t commit you 100% and it is amazing how just a touch of leopard can transform an outfit. These are probably the pieces that have the greatest use and circularity, the ones you will keep pulling out of your cupboard because the reality is, leopard print will keep coming back around.




The preloved market is a fantastic way to invest in leopard print. I discovered my favourite Ganni dress (which I’m wearing here) on The Cirkel. They even have a whole section dedicated to leopard print! Renting is also a great way to dip your toe in, I’ve rented this  Queens of Archive dress several times from Hurr who have other great leopard options from clothing to accessories.

With my current leopard obsession at an all time high, I am having to sit on my hands not to invest in this beautiful Loewe preloved bag from HEWI. Please someone else snap it up quickly! The beauty of leopard print is that it will always hold value in the resale market, circularity at it’s best!