The Small Brand Edit ST. CLAIR




I fell in love with Blaire and her brand when she joined me at the summer Pop Up last year, having literally just launched ST. CLAIR as a new business. I asked each designer to come and spend the day with me on the shop floor and Blaire’s passion for her dresses was infectious. The pieces pretty much sold out on that day and it was a joy to watch.

I’m thrilled to support her on the DDE with her second collection which is full of beautiful shapes, romantic prints and seriously wearable styles. Read below to discover how Blaire started her brand during covid, her personal highlights and how she manages the endless juggle of a new business and young children.


What made you start your brand?


I’ve always worked in fashion and dreamt of doing my own thing, but I’d never been in a position to. I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave during Covid, from a high pressure role I’d held for a decade. The payout, and the shift in priorities having two young children, gave me the kick and the courage to start ST. CLAIR and I used the redundancy money to fund my first small collection.

Where are your pieces made?


The collection is made in India, their organic cotton is the very best. The artisans there are renowned for their embroidery and I wanted that to be part of the handwriting of the pieces. We work with one small, family-owned production from the fabrics to the printing through to the toiling and the hand-finishes. We speak every day, I visit often and my aim is to grow the business with them.


What inspires you when you are designing? 


I think about how the dress will make you feel, putting on a great dress can be transformative. It can lift you up! I’m really inspired by the romance of vintage shapes and antique embroideries when it comes to the prints, 60’s-90’s floral fabrics by heritage English brands like Laura Ashley are always on my mood board. Oil paintings of flowers, photos of wild meadows and gardens I’ve snapped on my phone along the way also inspire me. All our prints are unique, painted by hand in watercolour and inspired by English flowers.

What has been your highlight so far with your brand?
I’ll never forget the feeling of nervous excitement and elation arriving in India in the middle of the night on my first solo trip to Delhi to start ST. CLAIR. It was really emotional! Since then it was the first sale I made to someone who I didn’t know (I googled her!), Holly Willoughby wearing ST. CLAIR on This Morning and the reactions that followed – my phone starting buzzing like it was possessed and I sold out of that style the same day (the Gene is now back in stock!), my 5 year old daughter, trying on the first nightie from the collection for little girls I made in partnership with a women’s social initiative, made out of our offcut floral fabrics; And, without a doubt, the Daily Dress Edit. Having my dresses in a shop, amongst brands I admire, seeing them being tried on and bought, and being given that platform the same week as the brand’s launch, was incredible.

How do you manage the juggle of running your own business? 


With varying degrees of success but I absolutely love it, I have so much passion and energy for ST.CLAIR and that gives me a drive. This time of year is busy and at the moment the ‘team’ is just me. I have 2 young children and my working day is around them. It never feels long enough so those hours when they are at school need to be super focused. It’s late nights, early mornings, lots of lists, constantly learning, an incredibly supportive husband, and trying to always remember, whenever I feel overwhelmed or when something goes wrong, to stay positive and that I am so lucky to be doing something I’d always dreamt of!



ST.CLAIR will be hosting Pops Ups at 2 London locations; 

 15th-18th May at Wild by Tart, Eccleston Yards, SW1W 9AZ

19th-22nd June at With Nothing Underneath, 47 Elizabeth Street, SW1W 9PP

Blaire would love for you to join her! The full collection will be there to browse through and you will be able to try on your favourite pieces.